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Closed for 2021 season 

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Inspired by travel and a passion for different cultures, V-Cafe East Hampton has a vast menu of culinary delights, utilizing the freshest ingredients to bring homemade dishes straight to your table. Come dine with us, enjoy the most beautiful, safe outdoor settings.


About Us

VCafe (VietCafe) restaurant in East Hampton serves healthy traditional Vietnamese food in a contemporary setting. Vietnamese cuisine has been, for thousands of years, oriented for balance and nutrition. It uses an abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables for texture and color, marinated meats in spices rather than relying on excess oil for cooking or for enhancement of flavor. We feature authentic dishes from the North, South and Central Viet Nam. The foods of Viet Nam are prepared with both French and Chinese influences that date back some 2,000 years and one can see this reflected in the dishes served at V Cafe (Viet-Cafe) in East Hampton, NY and Tribeca, New York. Delivery available.


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We are open for 2021 season 

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